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Collect + Collaborate + Analyze = Action

At Cajam Marketing, our analysis of your business is a collective process. To start, we meet with your team and gather information about your organization’s goals, challenges and past initiatives. This collaboration leads to actionable plans for your team.

The Cajam Difference

Unlike other agencies, you get access to our senior management from the get-go. Cajam leaders Kathy Gould and Linda Delp share their 50+ years of combined marketing experience with your team. We pull in the appropriate Cajam marketing specialists best suited for your unique needs. Our “Cajammers” are experts in various fields of marketing including affiliate marketing, web usability and social media marketing.

A Brain Trust For Your Team

Using our comprehensive Cajam Marketing knowledge and your data, we look at your business with a fresh perspective for growth opportunities. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach because every company is different and diverse.

Our analysis is much deeper than simply pulling and providing reports. We make sense of the numbers for you. We use your data to help you create actionable plans. In addition to providing the analysis, we also deliver detailed written strategy and recommendations. Often, our suggestions are small fixes that can immediately generate revenue. Based on your data, we may also recommend long term projects if they offer the potential for impactful returns on investment.

With in-depth data analysis, we work with your team to develop a solid marketing plan. Some of our recommendations may include:

  • Internal search strategies
  • E-mail strategy
  • Comparison shopping engines and PLA initiatives
  • Search engine optimization
  • Overall site analytics
  • Paid search audits
  • Home page, product page, category page website usability and data analysis
  • Evaluation of the impact of online efforts to your offline channels
  • Evaluation of the of the shopper consideration process and how to credit the original channel properly
  • Database initiatives
  • Affiliate program evaluation
  • Mobile traffic/desktop/tablet analysis
  • Marketing channel traffic evaluation and assist factors for spend and initiatives
  • Evaluation of new vs. returning customers
  • Shopping cart performance analysis
  • Landing page analysis
  • Analysis of behavior on site with various segmentations (it could be based on what product they bought, how they came to the site, a certain page they visited. There are many, many ways you can learn and improve your website by understanding how different customers/visitors interact with your site.)
  • Analysis of social media efforts/PR and revenue results with suggestions for initiatives
  • Wholesale vs. Retail distribution strategies
  • Analysis of fulfillment locations

For many of our clients, we offer a “fresh set of eyes.” For example, some of our clients manage paid search internally or with a third party, but rely on our objective analysis to manage and guide these initiatives. We know the challenges of managing an online business in a swiftly-evolving e-commerce platform. Our multi-faceted team is here to help you navigate your unique opportunities.

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