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An e-commerce marketing expert, Kathy Gould, President of Cajam Marketing is a frequent speaker at big events such as Yahoo! Merchant Summit. Kathy loves to share her passion for data driven marketing.

Case Study: Yahoo! Client Spotlight

“Online consultancy firm Cajam Marketing helps clients improve campaign results with Yahoo! Web Analytics. One vital advantage of online advertising is the ability to collect more precise and varied data on campaign performance than with other media. But collecting reams of campaign data doesn’t always translate into reams of knowledge about your campaign’s effectiveness.

This bothered Kathy Gould, founder and CEO of Cajam Marketing, a consulting firm that specializes in maximizing online and offline marketing campaigns through analytics. After all, analytics uses computer technology, research and statistics to solve business problems. For that, you need the right kinds of data – and Gould wasn’t getting what she wanted.

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