What Can Google Analytics Tell You About Your Business?

What Can Google Analytics Tell You About Your Business?

“Who sang the original version of this song?” “How many times has Duke University made it to the Final Four?” “What is “Googled” the most?” (Siri says “Lamar Odom” was Google’s top trending general search in 2015). Thanks to search tools, personal assistants like Siri, and apps like Shazam, we have the answers to every question imaginable, right at our fingertips.

During the workday, e-commerce store owners, managers and marketers expect this same instant gratification when presented with more pressing questions related to company performance and profitability. Thanks to tools like Google Analytics, you can easily find answers and gain actionable intelligence about your business.

As marketers, we love data. While we understand not everyone shares our passion for patterns, funnels and demographics, we are a bit perplexed when we learn of a website that is not utilizing some sort of data collection. At a minimum, we recommend adding Google Analytics to your website. There are no monthly fees or contracts required. The valuable insights Google Analytics provides about your business are well worth the time it takes to set up the tool properly,

Why Do I Need Google Analytics?

We spend a lot of time asking questions. We’re also quite good at providing answers. Here are some great reasons for adding Google Analytics to your website.

Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

Google Analytics will tell you a lot about the visitors to your website – how they got to your website, which pages held their attention, and which pages converted them to a purchaser or subscriber – or made them leave.

Can You Give Me Directions?

Just like the Google Maps app, Google Analytics can tell you which way to go. Before any website redesign or major change, we recommend using the page metrics tools and Google In-page analytics for valuable insight about the page elements that work or need improvement. You can get instant answers to important questions like: What’s the page load time? What’s the page value? What are your top performing pages? What are your lowest performing pages?

Can I Help You Find Something?

Google Analytics funnel reports show how visitors move through your site and give you a clear picture of any stumbling blocks on the conversion path. Google Analytics site search data helps you see if visitors are finding what they are looking for on your website. This data also provides good information about the lingo used by your visitors, so you can adjust your content to include these relevant keywords.

Who Needs All This Data?

You may never log into your Google Analytics account, but you still need Google Analytics or some sort of reportable tracking on your website to collect historical data. One day, you may want to sell your e-commerce business, and potential buyers will want to see your numbers before they make an offer. If you think “less is more” when it comes to data, Google Analytics makes it very easy to create a custom report with only the information you want and automatically email this report to you when you want it.

Will Google Analytics Help Me Get a Raise?

It’s possible. Google Analytics can certainly help you discover new opportunities, increase conversions and grow revenue. Employees (and business owners) who provide quick, accurate, and actionable answers gain the respect of co-workers. Google Analytics also gives you the power to settle workplace disagreements and allocate resources fairly. Which button performs better? Which banner ad gets the most conversions? Take the guesswork out and the office bets off with a simple analysis.

Will Google Analytics Help Me Predict the Future?

Consistent historical data is more accurate than a crystal ball when it comes to anticipating inventory needs, staffing during high traffic times and campaign successes.

Do You Have More Questions?

We are an inquisitive group of marketing professionals, and we relish a good data dig. If you want more information, we’re happy to help. Contact Cajam Marketing.

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