2020: What We Have Learned So Far

2020: What We Have Learned So Far

After a busy December filled with 2020 business forecasts and holiday shopping wrap ups, the Cajam Marketing team celebrated the new year with a weekend spa retreat to recharge and refocus. As we breathed deeply in the eucalyptus sauna, quieted our minds in the reflective yoga classes and reconnected with nature on winter hikes, we had no idea what awaited the world in 2020.

Luck Favors the Prepared

By early February, discussions about COVID-19 and the impact on shipments from China crept into client calls. Because of good analysis and planning, our clients were in good shape. One client remarked on a weekly call, “Luck favors the prepared,” and in the months to follow, we’ve seen this wisdom at work.

Top Points for Agility

As a boutique marketing agency, we especially champion for small business owners. We cheer on these scrappy leaders as they battle for their chunk of the market share. As COVID-19 spread, we rolled up our sleeves and helped our small business clients capitalize on their nimbleness and creativity. Because of their dedication to their customers and ability to adapt quickly to changing customer needs, many of our clients are having their best returns ever. We continue to be inspired by the resolve and resiliency of these business leaders.

Apart, We Are Together

Despite working remotely, the Cajam Marketing team has really banded together in one mission to strengthen our clients in this current COVID-19 crisis. Fortified with lots of caffeine and the support of a few lap cats (and one Seeing Eye guide puppy), we continue to help our clients quickly react with paid search bid adjustments, COVID-19 web changes, email blasts, social posts and data analysis for new opportunities.

We are happiest when we can make a quantifiable difference, doing what we love:

“…They really care about my business and that shows every step of the way. I.e. at the beginning of the Pandemic in March 2020, Kathy called me with some ideas to keep our business afloat. This showed me how much she cared. I will be a client for life. That is for sure.”

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Stronger As a Team

The first half of 2020 has reminded us of the things that matter most. We really are a family – not just our clients and staff – but the bigger world outside our home office windows. We do better when our best is for the greater good. At home and work, we all win with kindness and equal opportunity for all.

Most of the Cajam Marketing team is based in the Northeast, and our area was hit particularly hard in the early days of COVID-19. We have lost loved ones, and we have also celebrated coronavirus recoveries. This isn’t over – we are still in the midst of a pandemic – but the one thing we know for sure in 2020 is we truly are stronger together.

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